Sho Sakamoto

Reprensentative Director and CEO of ROC Co.Ltd

Born in Kobe in 1990. In high school, he decided to eat as a band, but the visitors experienced three events. I realized the importance of attracting customers and converted the events that continued to be in deficit even though they were high school students into surplus with the method of attracting customers using the blog that was popular at the time. Organized "Shigyo x Music = LIVE" to raise awareness of the profession. Attract more than 1100 people via SNS without spending money. He started his career as the youngest administrative scrivener in Hyogo Prefecture at the age of 23, but he founded the SNS consulting business based on this achievement. Later, the book that turned Facebook into the strongest sales tool published at the age of 25 was also translated into Japanese and was a hit in Japan and abroad. Over 50 lectures per year, including seminars on SNS marketing, internal SNS training, and corporate lectures for students. Currently, as a representative of ROC Co., Ltd., which operates the SNS promotion business nationwide, is responsible for SNS measures in various industries, from SMEs to listed companies. Besides, as an IT journalist familiar with SNS, he is also active in media such as television and weekly magazines.

13:40 - 14:10

Practice/Instagram Marketing

Sho Sakamoto-ROC Co.Ltd